SUV vs Sedan: Which One Should You Buy? (2023)

Should I Buy SUV or Sedan? This is one question that is thrown at us almost on a daily basis. Today, we have decided to offer you a definitive guide to help you decide between a SUV and a similarly priced. The SUV market of our country is growing at a rapid pace. There’s really a lot going for these cars. While they offer the practicality of a hatchback, they also have the rugged touch along with features and premium-ness associated with a sedan. No surprise then, that, sedans are fast losing out to SUVs. Does that mean SUVs will suit you better than sedans? Not necessarily. Here, in our SUV vs Sedan comparison, we help you decided if you buy SUV or sedan. Read on.

Sedans have traditionally been the go-to choice for folks who look to upgrade from hatchbacks. However, recent years have seen demand for SUVs go up substantially. In fact, the demand for SUVs has been so high that players who never had an SUV in their lineup are now working on one (think of Rolls Royce Cullinan). So, let’s get to talking about our topic for today – SUV vs Sedan.

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SUV vs Sedan: Features


An SUV is traditionally identified by its high riding stance and boxy looks. The high riding suspension is a giveaway of the fact that these cars can go off-road with ease. The boxy looks tend to reflect their function-over-form approach, when it comes to their purpose. However, these things have changed in the past, which has led to a rise in their popularity. Other features of traditional SUVs include drab interiors, poor on-road driving dynamics, low mileage, 4×4 capability and being offered with a diesel engine only. One such example is the 2015 Toyota Fortuner.

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In recent times, the term SUV has also covered what are essentially called crossovers. These cars are mostly based on existing hatchback/sedan platforms from a carmaker. In few cases, they also are based on unique platforms. These cars offer better on-road dynamics than traditional SUVs and have a jacked up-stance to reflect they can go off-road too.

These cars are offered with a petrol engine too. Most important, however, is the fact that they sport nicely-appointed interiors that would generally look out of place on traditional SUVs. They offer decent mileage too, something SUVs are not traditionally known for. One such example is the Tata Nexon. The arrival of crossovers has also helped the traditional SUVs in sporting quite luxurious interiors. Take, for instance, the Toyota Land Cruiser. Its interior is not something you would expect in a purpose-built SUV like this.

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Sedans have always been about offering as much comfort to the occupants as possible. Their three-box design means that occupants and their luggage will always be placed in separate spaces. Sedans sit quite close to the ground, which enhances their sportiness. Enthusiasts love sedans due to their driving dynamics as the low ground clearance of the sedans means they have low centre of gravity. This helps them in offering a great driving experience on not just straight roads but curvy ones as well.

The sedans have great aerodynamics, helping them stick to the pavement. This also helps them offer great mileage. Maruti Ciaz is one great example of this. The sedans’ driving dynamics have only improved over the years as automakers have focused on reducing their weight. Hence, sedans not only have become better to drive but also more fuel efficient than ever.

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The options, when it comes to sedans, have increased substantially in recent times. From sedans measuring less than 4 metres to bespoke sedans from the likes of Rolls Royce, the options you have at your disposal are limited by your budget only. As far as comfort is concerned, even the compact sedans (sub-4m ones) offer nicely laid-out interiors. Take a look at Maruti DZire’s interior and you will know what we are talking about.

SUV vs Sedan: Benefits

Benefits Of An SUV

A traditional SUV offers a commanding view of the road. You sit so high in the car that everything else feels small. This is due to their high ride height. Also, traditional SUVs are immensely capable cars that can go off-road with great ease. The high ride height means they are highly unlikely to take a hit on their underbodies when navigating trails or potholed roads. Using a diesel engine ensures they have loads of torque to climb steep hills and most obstacles in their path.

Their 4×4 capability ensures they keep going even when other types of cars get stuck. Crossovers also attempt to offer similar capabilities. But while SUVs are purchased by hardcore off-roading folks, crossovers are more of a staple for those who don’t need as much capability as is offered by a traditional SUV. Since a crossover is used mostly in city conditions, its driving dynamics, comfort levels and mileage are generally similar to that of a similarly-priced sedan/hatchback.

The high ride height of crossovers helps them navigate bad roads with ease and without hurting their underbodies. In a country like India where potholed roads are aplenty, crossovers are popular mostly due to this benefit. Some recent crossovers, such as Tata Nexon, also offer sedan-rivalling driving dynamics.

Benefits Of A Sedan

Sedans have unparalleled comfort. The fact that you do n’t have to share the cabin with your luggage allows you to enjoy the comfort offered by a sedan even more. The comfort offered by sedans has only gone up in the recent past. Today, even a mid-size sedan like the Hyundai Verna offers features such as ventilated seats, which are not offered on much costlier cars, SUVs included.

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In recent times, sedans have been offering great mileage too. For example, the Maruti Ciaz offers the best mileage, not only among sedans but other cars too, in India. The Maruti DZire is a close second to the Maruti Ciaz, when we talk about best mileage cars in India. Both cars are sedans and tower above even the hatchbacks in this department.

Despite all this, the performance quotient of sedans has not gone down. For instance, the Skoda Octavia is know to be one of the best driver’s cars on sale in India today. Forget Skoda Octavia, any time you talk about driver’s cars, even in India, sedans will rule such a discussion hands down. After all, sedans have also benefitted from technologies derived from SUVs, such as all wheel drive.

SUV vs Sedan: Drawbacks

Drawbacks Of An SUV

Traditional SUVs such as Toyota Fortuner do not have great on-road dynamics. They have bouncy/uncomfortable ride to offer. Even those that offer a great ride, in all likelihood, they compromise on capability front. Now, you will not buy an SUV like Toyota Fortuner if capability is not one of your priorities, would you?

With mileage not as great as sedans, traditional SUVs will empty your wallet quite quickly. This is despite them offering diesel engines. Recently, certain automakers have begun offering petrol engines on their SUVs (Toyota Fortuner). These are the bane of guys looking for fuel-efficient SUVs.

There is also the problem of enhanced blind spots. A car has many blind spots, depending on its design. An SUV just amplified this experience by offering a higher seating position, necessitating the use of multiple sensors to ensure you do not hit something that isn’t in your field of view while, say, parking.

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Crossovers have drawbacks too. While they are more capable than a sedan or a hatchback, they are not as capable as traditional SUVs. This is because in order to make them comfortable and ride nice, bits like suspension are softened.

Drawbacks Of A Sedan

Using a sedan on a paved road is a dream. However, in a country like India where road conditions are poor, sedans are not quite popular. Their long wheelbase, coupled with low ride height, means their underbodies will likely suffer damage while navigating potholed roads. Now, who wants their car to suffer any sort of damage while doing nothing but navigating roads?

Recently, a trend has been seen among sedans. This is about making them ride better at the expense of handling. As a result, their soft suspension makes them comfortable for use as chauffeur-driven vehicles but not as driver’s cars. For instance, take any mid-size sedan under Rs 10 lakh. Which of these cars will you choose as an outright driver’s car which offers decent levels of space and comfort as well?

Parking is another issue with these types of cars. Sedans’ three-box design makes them long, which means they cannot squeeze into spaces that a crossover can. For instance, can you imagine squeezing a Maruti DZire in tight parking spot? You may face some difficulty. Try squeezing a Maruti Ignis in there and chances are you will be able to do so with ease.

SUV vs Sedan: Conclusion

You will note that we have only talked about certain points when comparing the two types of cars in this SUV vs Sedan comparison. This is because these are the issues you will most likely face when deciding between the two types of cars. While sedans will never vanish from the market, their popularity has come down because of crossovers. With manufacturers focusing more on crossovers, the development of sedan has slowed down. A similar effect can also bee seen on the development of the SUV. That aside, here’s what we think should be your choice.

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If your car use is limited to well-paved roads and highways, there is little reason for you to buy anything else than a sedan. Yes, it will face difficulty in tackling potholed roads. But with your use mostly on well-paved roads, you may look to use a different route to avoid potholed roads on your route. In the process, you will likely be able to enjoy the comfort your sedan offers.

If you have to tackle bad roads or even take trips to the countryside where roads are still a dream, an SUV should be your pick. Its high ground clearance will help you tackle rough terrains with ease and potholed roads in the city too. Do understand this, though – an SUV is a specialised product. It is primarily meant to tackle areas where there are no roads. If it is an all-round car you need, a sedan or even a hatchback should be your pick, unless you can justify an SUV’s use. With this, we will rest our case in this SUV vs Sedan comparison.

So, what do you thihk of our SUV vs sedan comparison? Do share your views by penning them down in the comments section below. We hope we have been able to help you find the answer to one of the most challenging questions of recent times -‘Should I buy SUV or sedan?’


Is it better to get a car or SUV? ›

So you're getting a new vehicle and you wonder whether you want to get a car or an SUV. While SUVs do offer a few advantages over cars, including increased protection, higher driving position, and greater towing capacity, they tend to be more costly to maintain than cars and also carry a larger footprint.

Why are people buying more SUVs than sedans? ›

The perception of safety, inside the vehicle at least, is a key reason people buy SUVs. They like the higher seating position and better visibility. And automakers are happy to sell crossovers, SUVs and trucks, because the profit margins are higher than they are for small cars.

Is it worth getting an SUV? ›

If you are in the market for a new car today, it is definitely worth considering an SUV. For starters, these vehicles can be more affordable. And because they give you a height advantage and more cargo space, they can certainly give you more bang for the buck.

Do SUVs or sedans last longer? ›

According to, truck-based SUVs are some of the longest-lasting vehicles ever produced. Certain SUVs like the Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Sequoia outlast most sedans and coupes. Only two car models made it onto iSeeCars' list of longest-lasting cars, SUVs and trucks.

What are the disadvantages of SUV? ›

The disadvantages:

In areas with old buildings and narrow streets, it is rather difficult to drive. An SUV vehicle can cause inconvenience in traffic jams and parking lots. Costs. Being the owner of an SUV vehicle is more expensive in all aspects: from fuel consumption to maintenance.

Which is safer sedan or SUV? ›

Because SUVs are larger, heavier cars compared to compact cars – such as Sedans for example – they are generally considered safer, especially in head-on accidents according to Consumer Reports. A 2013 report from NBC News even claims that SUV drivers are 50% more likely to survive a crash than drivers in regular cars.

Are sedans dying out? ›

In fact, they've been dying a slow death for some time now. Crossovers, SUVs and pickups have taken over the market, leaving the traditional four-door sedan in the dust. They've been abandoned by many American auto manufacturers, especially the Big Three — General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Stellantis.

What is the main problem with SUVs? ›

They generally have poorer fuel efficiency and require more resources to manufacture than smaller vehicles, thus contributing more to climate change and environmental degradation. Their higher center of gravity significantly increases their risk of rollovers.

Are sedans going to disappear? ›

Officially, automakers will continue building competitive sedans for the 24 percent of buyers who still desire them. Unofficially, many manufacturers are abandoning the sedan body style altogether, investing solely in crossover and SUV models.

Are SUVs losing value? ›

Another one: Luxury sedans and V-8-powered SUVs are among the 2018-2021 year model vehicles that have depreciated the most in resale value over the last 12 months. Keep reading to see which newer used cars and SUVs have decreased the most in value since 2022.

Why does everyone want an SUV? ›

Lesser price, off-roading capabilities, higher grade of comfort, bigger trunk space, and a lot more safety have all aided the SUVs demand.

Why do people choose SUV? ›

SUVs are increasingly popular because they offer spaciousness, comfort and good ground clearance for driving on Indian roads, while offering better performance with good engine power.

What is easier to drive SUV or sedan? ›

Drivability: Since sedans aren't as top-heavy as SUVs are, they're much easier to drive, according to The New York Times. Maneuvering through sharp corners has a lesser chance of rollover, and parking is always much easier.

Which car is safest in a crash? ›

What 2022 vehicles were rated the safest by the NHTSA and IIHS?
  • Honda Accord.
  • Honda Civic.
  • Honda Insight.
  • Acura TLX.
  • Lexus ES.
  • Lexus IS.
  • Toyota Camry.
  • Toyota Corolla.
Nov 22, 2022

Is a sedan harder to drive than a SUV? ›

SUVs can be harder to drive because they have less room to maneuver in tight spaces and are generally less agile when responding to emergencies. That's the trade-off for increased safety when a crash does occur. Learn more about the differences between SUVs vs. sedans and trucks vs.

Why do some people not like SUVs? ›

One of the main reasons sport-utility vehicle drivers are disliked is due to their cocky driving style made up of fast acceleration, tailgating, lane-hogging and road dominance rather than road sharing.

Is SUV safer than sedan in snow? ›

As opposed to sedans, SUVs have higher ground clearance and elevated seating which gives you greater visibility and the ability to drive over larger levels of snow. With higher ground clearance however, comes a higher center of gravity so, keep in mind that fast turns in snowy conditions could be a recipe for disaster.

Which SUV is least problematic? ›

Q: What SUV has the least amount of problems? Lexus is, without a doubt, one of the most reliable SUVs on the planet. Year after year, the models achieve over 90 out of 100 for reliability. Overall, as everything sits now, the best SUV to buy that has the least amount of problems is the 2020 Lexus NX Hybrid.

What is replacing sedans? ›

“Compact crossovers like the RAV4, CR-V, Rogue, Equinox have indeed become the new standard family vehicle replacing the midsize sedan that ruled for decades,” said Sam Abuelsamid, principal analyst at research firm Guidehouse Insights.

Why did people stop buying sedans? ›

A big sedan is roomy and comfortable, but crossovers, SUVs, and trucks are just more practical all the way around. Plus, drivers like the higher seating, enhanced visibility, ease of entry and exit, and overall ruggedness of trucks.

Why sedans are not selling? ›

The Why of Sedan Ignorance

Another reason behind the ignorance of sedans is the fact that those consumers who are bothered by cramped parking spaces, congested roads, and too much traffic often prefer to buy a compact hatchback to ease their driving experience.

Is a car safer than an SUV in a crash? ›

SUV head-on crashes… the odds of death were 7.6 times higher for the car driver than the SUV driver.” They thoroughly examined the federal government's auto death database, the Fatality Analysis Reporting System, and found that what type of car you buy is just as important as what safety features you invest in.

Do SUVs tip over easily? ›

Any vehicle can rollover. However, vehicles such as SUVs, pickups, and vans are more susceptible, given their narrower, taller build. As such, they are top-heavy and have a higher center of gravity, which reduces balance and stability. Suv rollover risk is greater than in many other types of vehicles.

Are SUVs safer than normal cars? ›

In fact, research has found that an SUV driver or passenger is at least 50 percent more likely to survive a car crash without suffering serious injuries than an individual riding in a saloon.

Why do people prefer sedans? ›

Because they are smaller and low to the ground, sedans are less likely to tip and they usually have a smaller turning radius than some of their larger counterparts like full-size SUVs and trucks. In fact, many sedans are turned into performance vehicles because of their excellent handling.

Why do Americans love SUVs? ›

SUVs provide utilitarian benefits aside from just transport. Because they are spacious and offer better luggage capacity, larger vehicles are pretty much the go-to choice for families. Thirdly SUVs, although not all, tend to have more powerful engines to compensate for their added heft.

Will American sedans come back? ›

Luckily, the latest trend resurrects a classic, known quantity: the sedan. Models like the 2022 Nissan Maxima are quickly replacing vanilla crossovers in driveways across America.

Is it safer to be in a car or an SUV? ›

A recent crash test by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) found that passengers of heavier, larger vehicles experience less force during an accident. Keep in mind that your driving habits are a key player in your safety while on the road. But a sedan can be just as safe as an SUV.

Is it harder to drive an SUV than a car? ›

SUVs can be harder to drive because they have less room to maneuver in tight spaces and are generally less agile when responding to emergencies. That's the trade-off for increased safety when a crash does occur. Learn more about the differences between SUVs vs. sedans and trucks vs.

Are SUVs more reliable than cars? ›

SUV Advantages

Reliability: The durability of your SUV depends on the make and model that you get. However, SUVs are created with more expensive parts that are often more reliable. That means the engine has a greater capacity and the other car parts can endure more wear and tear.

Should my first car be an SUV? ›

SUVs and pick-ups are poor choices for first-time drivers — especially SUVs and trucks without 4WD. They tend to be light in the rear (because the weight of the engine/driveline is concentrated up front) and so have a tendency to fishtail during panic stops or when the road is slick.

Why are people buying SUVs? ›

Speaking anecdotally, I've asked hundreds of people why they chose an SUV instead of a car. The answer I hear the most is “I feel safer.” Right off the bat this is a telling response, as drivers believe they have to arm themselves with a larger vehicle in order to safely move about our society.

Which car is the safest in an accident? ›

What 2022 vehicles were rated the safest by the NHTSA and IIHS?
  • Honda Accord.
  • Honda Civic.
  • Honda Insight.
  • Acura TLX.
  • Lexus ES.
  • Lexus IS.
  • Toyota Camry.
  • Toyota Corolla.
Nov 22, 2022

Is A SUV more comfortable than a sedan? ›

The seating position in a sedan is lower to the ground than an SUV, and the body tends to handle much more sharply during cornering. This makes driving a sedan a more comfortable experience, especially if you typically drive on winding roads.

Are SUVs good for long drives? ›

Although SUVs are great for city driving and everyday errands, the extra space and comfort also make them perfect for long-distance journeys.

Is driving a sedan easier than SUV? ›

Suspension and Ride Height

Sedans have a lower ground clearance than that of SUVs, making them harder to drive on rough and uneven terrain. SUVs, on the other hand, are built with higher ground clearance and a stronger suspension system designed for a more comfortable off-road driving experience.

Which SUV will last the longest? ›

The top 2 models with the longest lifespans are Toyota SUVs, with the Sequoia and Land Cruiser both enduring nearly 300,000 miles over the past 20 years.

What is the number 1 most reliable SUV? ›

10 Most Reliable SUVs According To Consumer Reports
  • 8 2022 Mazda CX-9 – 94/100.
  • 7 2018 Lexus RX Hybrid – 95/100.
  • 6 2022 Ford Escape Hybrid—95/100.
  • 5 2022 Lincoln Corsair – 96/100.
  • 4 2020 Lexus GX – 97/100.
  • 3 2022 Acura RDX – 97/100.
  • 2 2021 Lexus NX – 98/100.
  • 1 2020 Lexus NX Hybrid – 99/100.
Nov 30, 2022


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