Black Clover Arcs Guide: All 11 arcs in order (2023)

While the Black Clover anime ended in 2021, the manga has been quite spectacular recently. Fans anticipate each chapter as they look forward to learning more about the Land of the Sun and the all-new characters and abilities that the new arc has brought with it.

Anime-only fans have it rough for now, as they will have to wait until 2023 for the movie to be released, the story for which hasn't been confirmed.

Until we hear any other news on the same, let's take a look at the order of all the arcs in Black Clover. Here's a recap of what happened previously in the anime and what to expect in the future arcs.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Black Clover manga.

Black Clover Anime Arcs Guide: Order & recap

Arc 1: Magic Knights Entrance Arc (10 chapters, 1-10, 13 episodes, 1-13)

Black Clover Arcs Guide: All 11 arcs in order (1)

We are introduced to the protagonists Asta and Yuno, as they are introduced as 15-year-old orphans who were raised in Hage village. After receiving their respective grimoire, they head to the capital, hoping to enter the Magic Knights squads through the Magic Knights Entrance Exam. Asta got selected by the Black Bull squad, while Yuno chose the Golden Dawn squad.

Arc 2: Dungeon Exploration Arc (11 chapters, 11-21, 6 episodes, 14-19)

Black Clover Arcs Guide: All 11 arcs in order (2)

After Asta's first mission, he was sent to explore and conquer a dungeon alongside Noelle Silva and Luck Voltia. Yuno, Klaus Lunette, and Mimosa Vermilion of the Golden Dawn were also sent for the same mission. Initially, it looked like a race between the two squads. However, soon enough, a conflict arose when the Diamond Kingdom mages led by Mars arrived in the Dungeon.

Arc 3: Royal Capital Assault Arc (16 chapters, 22-37, 8 episodes, 20-27)

Black Clover Arcs Guide: All 11 arcs in order (3)

After the Dungeon incident, Asta, Noelle, Yuno, Mimosa, and Klaus were invited by the Magic Emperor Julius Novachrono to an award ceremony held at the Royal Capital. But during the banquet, the capital was attacked by an army of the undead led by Rades Spirito.

Arc 4: Eye of the Midnight Sun Encounter Arc (19 chapters, 38-56, 12 episodes, 28-39)

Black Clover Arcs Guide: All 11 arcs in order (4)

This arc gave us a proper introduction to the villains in Black Clover, the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Sally, a member of the group, manipulated the kidnapping of children, which led to a conflict between the rogue mages and Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights.

Arc 5: Seabed Temple Arc (18 chapters, 57-74 12 episodes, 40-51)

Black Clover Arcs Guide: All 11 arcs in order (5)

The attack on the Royal Capital saw Crimson Lions captain Fuegoleon Vermilion incapacitated, as the Black Bulls were sent on a mission by the Magic Emperor to obtain a magic stone from the Seabed Temple. Here, we saw the first big battle as the Black Bulls took out one of the third eye from the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Vetto.

Arc 6: Witches' Forest Arc (27 chapters, 75-101, 15 episodes, 51-65)

Black Clover Arcs Guide: All 11 arcs in order (6)

The battle against Vetto left Asta's arms severely injured, deeming him unable to use his swords the same way. Thus, the Black Bulls split up to try and find a cure for Asta, for which Vanessa decided to return to her home, The Witches' Forest. Here, a conflict arose as the Diamond Kingdom and the Eye of the Midnight Sun simultaneously attacked the forest.

Arc 7: Royal Knights Arc (48 chapters, 102-149, 31 episodes, 66-99)

Black Clover Arcs Guide: All 11 arcs in order (7)

After the conflict was resolved and Asta's hand recovered, the Black Bulls attended the Star Awards Festival, where Asta and Yuno's efforts were acknowledged. Soon after, the two, alongside Noelle, Yami, and Charlotte, attended a training session with interim Crimson Lions captain Mereoleona Vermillion.

Later, Asta and some of his friends participated in the Royal Knights Selection Exam. The Royal Knights squad was a group set to attack the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base. During the arc, we meet a new Black Bulls member, Zora Ideale.

Arc 8: Elf Reincarnation Arc (79 chapters, 150-228, 62 episodes, 96-157)

Black Clover Arcs Guide: All 11 arcs in order (8)

The Royal Knights' attack on the Eye of the Midnight Sun's base did not go as the previously annihilated Elf tribe reincarnated into several Magic Knights' bodies, thus having the Royal Knights take on their allies. Later, the conflict grew into something much more sinister, as a devil turned out to be the one responsible for all that had happened.

Arc 9: Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc (32 chapters, 229-260, 10 episodes, 158-167)

After six months of training with the Heart Kingdom, the Magic Knights work alongside the mages from the Heart Kingdom, as both of them are attacked simultaneously by the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad.

Black Clover Arcs Guide: All 11 arcs in order (9)

Studio Pierrot also chose to animate three episodes from Arc 10 to build up the story and leave the fans with something to look out for.

What to expect from Black Clover in the future?

It still hasn't been announced when the Black Clover anime will resume, however, if it were to continue, it will surely animate its final two arcs, one of which already has three episodes of it aired in the anime.

Arc 10: Spade Kingdom Raid Arc (71 chapters, 261-331, 3 episodes, 168-170)

Black Clover Arcs Guide: All 11 arcs in order (10)

After Yami Sukehiro, William Vangeance, and Heart Kingdom Princess Lolopechka get captured by the Dark Triad, the Magic Knights, alongside the Heart Kingdom mages, organize their forces to raid the Spade Kingdom and retrieve them. They needed to make their attack as soon as possible to try and stop the Dark Triad from opening the gates of the underworld and unleashing the devils upon the continent.

Arc 11 (ongoing)

Black Clover Arcs Guide: All 11 arcs in order (11)

The ending of the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc revealed Lucius Zogratis to be the fourth Zogratis sibling, who had been hiding under the disguise of Magic Emperor Julius Novachrono all this time. Now that he has acquired Lucifero's heart, he can use Gravity Magic. Thus, he begins eliminating anyone who could be a hindrance to his plan to fix all humanity.

The arc will also introduce us to Yami's homeland and some new characters. We will have to wait until more manga chapters are released to find out more.

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